The end of “the Office” “Law Firm”? Out-of-The-Office.

I share with you a comment I made on linkedin to the question if the Office is dead.

an open mind and view @thelawfarm
an open mind and view @thelawfarm

@TheLawFarm. While, when I started in 1988 in Belgium, location and the look of the office, were important, I predicted and practiced the change. I left the city. My mother was really concerned. “Her son was a lawyer but his office was ‘in nature, while all famous lawyers where in chique offices in the city and associations were popping with minimum 5 members”. Now on 50 attorneys in our small city around 10 have their practice outside the city @home.
After a while, I changed to Brussels because of my international contacts.
Here in Belgium, I stayed in Brussels (loft with office) for a few years. The advantage was that I was close to clients and based in the Capital of Europe. But on the other hand Life was harder and the costs of Life where much higher than in the country. Also bankruptcies of clients ‘forced’ me to downsize and choose another location. I live now at a farm that I am renovating. One of the names of my office is THELAWFARM. I am convinced that there is an inevitable change. My clients don’t care anymore, where I am located. They are interested in my knowledge, my contacts, the speed I deliver my service, the quality of my service and how I combine all this to get the best result or give them the best advice. Of course once and a while we meet to keep it personal. But where we meet is not that important anymore. As Margaret explains, here also I plan to use one of the spaces as a shared space for people with an open view and mind, to work, think and to live ‘out of the box /office ‘

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