Should you bill for initial consultations

Hereby a comment I posted in a discussion on linkedin about this subject.
Free first consultation? It depends:
I read the previous comments. Maybe it would be interesting to make a list and depending of the result / answers, you would charge more likely or not.
Example list:
1. Who am I? Experienced lawyer in that field/area of law? The more experienced, less free advice?
2. Who am I? Reputation in that field/area of law? The more reputed, less free advice?
3. Who is the client? Existing / referral / unknown
4. Who is the client? What attorney does he want? Can he afford the lawyer he wants?
5. Who is the client? Reputation of the client. Known for fishing?
5. What is it about? Listening and orientation?
6. What is it about? Listening and legal advice?
7. Where? Some colleagues also refer to where your practice is. But here I don’t see why it is important or different because it has more to do with the previous questions.

WHO WILL correct and complete the list? 😉